In the heat expense sharing system, it is of great importance to read the measurement devices regularly, analyze the data correctly and keep it for many years.

There are many different methods for obtaining consumption data depending on meter type and technologies.

As DAF Energy Management, we have been serving in the field with the experience we have gained in the field of installing meter types with different communication technologies and performing regular reading operations, which have been used in many types of projects since 2009, with minimum data loss in all communication types.


Measuring devices are produced and approved according to European standards. These measuring devices must have an open protocol communication system (OMS) in accordance with the TSEN 13757 standard.

Produced in this context are Apator, DAF, Danfoss, Landis Gyr, Qundis, Engelmann, Diehl, ista, Techem, Sensus, GWF, Itron, Cem, Siemens, Honeywell, Wehrle, Minol-Zenner, Calmet, Atlas, General, Teksan, Keskar, Our company provides reading and expense sharing services for measuring devices of many manufacturers such as Innotas and Tebas.

There are also closed protocol (encrypted) communicating measuring devices in the field that were produced before the 13757 standard. These devices can usually only be read by their supplier.



Measuring devices with wireless communication systems transmit consumption data via radio waves according to the schedule and frequency determined by their suppliers.

Consumption data transmitted by measuring devices can be collected via a computer with equipment equipped with Wireless M-Bus or Lora technology.

This data can also be collected remotely and automatically with data collection units placed at various points of the building.


In this system, all meters are connected to M-Bus cable lines drawn into the building shafts.

M-Bus main lines extend to the point where the m-bus converters are located on the data reading board.

While meter data can be obtained with a computer manually connected to the reading panel where M-Bus converters are located, meter consumption data can also be received remotely and automatically with a gateway connected to this point.



Consumption data received from all devices, such as Heat Pay Meter, Heat or Cooling Meter (Calorimeter), Hot or Cold Water Meters, are stored in our reliable cloud servers for at least 10 years, regardless of how they are read.


Ölçüm cihazlarından alınan tüketim bilgileri bir çok etkene göre analiz edilmeli ve tesis yönetimine raporlanmalıdır;

  • Ölçüm cihazları arızalanabilir,
  • Montajı ters-yanlış yapılmış, bu nedenle tüketimi ölçmüyor veya tüketimin üzerinde ölçüm yapıyor olabilir,
  • Bağımsız bölümlerde su veya enerji kaçakları olabilir,
  • Kullanıcı tarafından kötü niyetli bir müdahale yapılmış olabilir.
  • Merkezi sistem kazanları verimsiz çalışıyor veya sistemde kaçaklar bulunabilir, bunlar binanın enerji maliyetlerini arttırabilir.



After the data is analyzed for errors, malfunctions and manipulation, the central system fuel, water and home electricity bills transmitted by the building manager are distributed within the framework of legal legislation.

Expense sharing calculations are carried out impartially, as an authorized measurement company, without compromising the legal regulations.


Natural Gas Bill
Hot Water Fuel Common / Consumption Expense
Heating Common / Consumption Expense
Social Facility Expense

Water Bill
Hot / Cold Water Expense
Common Area / Pool / Garden Irrigation / Social Facility Expense

Electricity Bill
Electricity Common / Consumption Expense
Cooling Chiller / WSHP / Common Consumption Expense
Air Handling Units Common Consumption Expense
Fresh Air Common and Consumption Expenses
Common Area / Elevator etc. Consumption Expenses
Social Area Consumption Expenses


As a result of our expense sharing, the details of the expense sharing calculation are presented in a transparent manner that leaves no room for comment in the expense sharing documents submitted to the independent departments.

Users can easily calculate expense sharing by seeing how the invoices coming to the building are separated and into which numbers they are divided.

Users can easily access the DAFSmart Digital Platform by scanning the QR Barcode .


Along with the invoice sharing, an expense sharing table is presented showing the index, consumption costs and expenses of all independent departments.
The table is suitable for filtering and sorting in Excel format.
Building managers have high consumption, independent sections that do not consume, etc. can use these features to detect
This table is also used for accounting for expenses.
At the same time, our company offers expense sharing tables in many formats requested for accounting and management programs.